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Five recommendations for an effective enforcement press release

Bijgewerkt op: 26 jan. 2018

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This post makes 5 recommendations for publishing a supervisory penalty in a way that effectively promotes compliance. They are based on current behavioral insights. This slide contains an abbreviated version of these recommendations and provides 5 more.

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Aute Kasdorp
Aute Kasdorp
14 Oca 2018

@jmdhaas: Gladly. The slide linked in the text above contains 5 more tips; tip #10, on media framing, is derived from this particularly interesting article on the effect of penalty press releases (paywalled):

Van Erp, Judith. 2013. Messy business: Media representations of administrative sanctions for corporate offenders. Law & Policy 35 (1-2): 109-39.

Given that the compliance impact of a penalty press release is mostly dependent on how the media frame it, I think this piece of research is valuable to keep in mind for all regulators and other agencies with enforcement powers.


14 Oca 2018

Excellent tips with a clear and convincing substantiation. @Aute > Do you have advise for further reading?

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