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Selected publications

This page highlights a few publications by Aute Kasdorp in both English and Dutch (further below). It includes some peer reviewed scholarly papers as well as a selection of noted policy-oriented work that is available to the public. Click on each image to access the corresponding publication.

Developing a Risk-Based Approach to Supervision

World Bank Guidance Note

plaatje WB paper.jpg

This paper provides regulators who seek to (further) develop a risk-based supervision approach with a framework to systematically assess their current position and future options. A range of self analysis questions and practical examples guide regulators towards sensible design choices, given their particular context. The paper is focused on financial consumer protection regulators, but is equally valuable for regulators in other domains.

Between Scylla and Charybdis.jpg

Between Scylla and Charybdis

Ph.D Thesis

Regulators frequently come across harmful but legal organisational conduct. Remarkably, almost all regulators undertake supervisory interventions to counteract such conduct. This dissertation provides insight into why and how. It also discusses to what extent this supervisory practice can be legitimate.

Renewing Capital Market Supervision

Guide to strategy revision

Renewing Capital Market Supervision is a hands-on strategy guide for capital market regulators and supervision agencies. This book enables these professionals to evaluate their strategies and methods, and initiate improvements.

Compliance concept with icons for regulations.jpeg

Ambiguous Signaling in Regulatory Conversations

Scholarly paper

This case study investigates interactions between inspectors and regulatee representatives during regulatory conversations. We identify ambiguity as a central characteristic of these regulatory conversations. Analysing discrepancies in terms of relationship types and associated relational signals helps explain and prevent suboptimal communication and reduced acceptance of regulators’ demands by regulatees.

How to improve the OECD Enforcement and Inspections Toolkit

Policy recommendation

In response to OECD's invitation, Supervision Strategy issued 4 recommendations (substantiated by 

examples) to improve the OECD Enforcement and Inspections Toolkit: i) add technical nuances, 

ii) acknowledge realistic limitations, iii) balance its political stance, and iv) elaborate its analytical foundation. 

EJRR beeld.jpg

Regulatory Intervention beyond the Law

Scholarly paper

Regulators increasingly counteract harmful but legal corporate conduct. This paper outlines four types of regulators with an increasingly extensive attitude towards such interventions: Law Enforcer, Legislative Agent, Social Broker, and Public Architect.


Tussen Scylla en Charybdis

Wetenschappelijk artikel

Nederlandse toezichthouders worstelen met schadelijk maar legaal ondernemingsgedrag. Dit artikel laat spanningsvelden zien die toezichthouders in dit kader ondervinden, en plaatst dit in een kader van vier mogelijke taakopvattingen.

Geef toezichthouders ook kaders voor hun buitenwettelijk toezicht

Opiniërend artikel

Dit artikel geeft een indruk van het informele machtsspel tussen de AFM en de banken, daar waar de AFM geen wettelijke grondslag heeft (buitenwettelijk toezicht). Het artikel belicht voor- en nadelen van dergelijk toezicht en pleit voor een beleidskader om de de legitimiteit van buitenwettelijk toezicht te vergroten.

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