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Why Supervision Strategy can help you

Effective and legitimate regulation, supervision and enforcement require that you keep improving your strategies and methods. Tailor-made to your context. To assist you in this, Supervision Strategy can draw on state-of-the-art insights, innovative analytical thinking, 25+ years of high-level supervision and enforcement experience and a network of likeminded experts. 

What Supervision Strategy is focused on
  • Client focus: Supervision Strategy assists competent authorities (regulators, self-regulatory organizations, enforcement agencies) in adopting and customizing contemporary strategies and instruments. To make true on this commitment, Supervision Strategy does not assist regulated firms.

  • Distinctive expertise: wide-ranging academic knowledge of our craft combined with extensive hands-on supervision, enforcement, and change management experience. At executive and expert levels, in various regulated industries. Supervision Strategy maintains a netwerk of experts and niche consultancy organisations that complement its expertise.

  • Specialty areas: comprehensive conduct supervision and enforcement approaches (risk-based, problem-focused, and/or responsive); change management of supervision and enforcement agencies; conduct supervision of financial markets; adaptive and informal supervision methods.

  • Specialty services: boardroom consultancy; organisational change consultancy; analysis of improvement potential; creating and assisting tactical supervision and enforcement innovations; developing and delivering customised training curricula; keynote speaking; facilitating sessions on supervision and enforcement related topics.

How Supervision Strategy supports your strategic improvements



We provide strategic and tactical supervision advice

Methodology and tools 

We craft customized risk-based instruments​


We identify 
opportunities for further improvement

Professional development  
We design and deliver 
executive and staff level  training and coaching

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