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Smart supervision and enforcement initiatives make me happy.
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Supervision Strategy aims to further professionalize our crucial profession by helping to advance effective strategies and methods to supervise and enforce. 

Supervision Strategy frequently partners with the World Bank and independent experts to assist regulators and supervision / enforcement agencies worldwide.

Supervision Strategy was founded by Dr. Aute Kasdorp. Aute has a long-lasting fascination for supervision and enforcement. He is good at spotting opportunities to improve, putting these into practice, and assisting others to do the same. 

Prior positions in supervision and enforcement practice

Aute has been working in supervision practice since 1998. 

  • Prior to founding Supervision Strategy, Aute was the Senior Strategy Advisor to IOSCO's Secretary General (2016-2017).

  • Aute fulfilled various managerial functions (2004-2016) at the Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM). 

  • Before that, Aute was a Senior Project Manager at the Netherlands Competition Authority (ACM; 1998-2003) and Competition Lawyer at Houthoff Brussels (1997-1998).

Academic background

  • Aute earned a PhD degree in the field of supervisory strategies. His work is published in leading scholarly journals and nominated for best publication (VIDE).

  • Aute earned a postgraduate Competition Law degree (cum laude) and a triple master degree: Law, Philosophy, and Business Administration (MBA).

Corporate details

  • Trade name: Supervision Strategy | Trademark: 1025172

  • Netherlands Chamber of Commerce: 70497427 VAT reference: NL001611518B45

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