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Supervision is a craft worth improving

Pierluigi Collina is widely considered the best football referee of all time.


Not because he - like any decent supervisor or enforcer - upheld the rules impartially, fairly, and effectively. But, rather, because Collina knew how to read the game. When to be tough, when to be flexible, for example. Because he was on top of his craft, and fanatic about staying up to date. And because, even if players or the public did not like Collina's decisions, he compelled their respect by his track record and personality. "You have to be accepted on the field of play, not because you are the referee, but because people trust you."

Contemporary supervision and enforcement requires the same attention to context, and the same ability to keep striking a difficult balance. In-depth familiarity with the insights and methods that our rapidly developing profession has to offer, as well as the open and critical mindset needed to keep getting better at it. And the connectedness with stakeholders and society that - together with your organization's track record - generates long-term legitimacy. Legitimacy that enables you to obtain compliance from the vast majority. So you can focus your scarce deterrence and enforcement efforts where they are needed most.

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